Monday, July 7, 2008

The bright and shining Dara Torres.

I wouldn’t say that I am a dedicated sports fan. I am a bit fanatical about watching the Redskins play and went so far as spending too much money for direct TV this past season. But I don’t have season tickets for U of L football or basketball and I don’t get into arguments with UK fans about which player is best. I’ll watch the playoffs for soccer on ESPN, but I don’t stay up till 1 a.m. to do it. I watch re-runs! As to golf, I agree with the saying; golf is a good walk ruined! I watch the final game where Tiger Woods wins again. As to the non “ball” sports, I seldom watch them.

Last week on a couple of evenings the network aired a full hour of qualifications for the spots on the American swim team. Dara Torres was beyond impressive. She won so many spots on so many meets; she is going to have to choose which to swim in as she’s eligible for eight! This is a woman who retired to have a child and came back to beat records! She’ll be competing in her fifth Olympics at the age of 41. One day soon, maybe already and I’m not aware, Olympiads will be over fifty.

Finally a bright and shining star in this summer of dull eyed reality at the gas pumps and grocery!