Monday, March 22, 2010

I Recken They're Leaving.

Last night several of my friends and I were glued to our computer screens tuned into C-Span [I don't have fancy cable to watch it on TV]. I had been watching all day while I did other things and sat down after supper with a pot of tea, abandoning all Sunday night network TV. It was a wonderful thing to watch. When those GOP guys shouted out and acted like drunken sailors, it was only better. I enjoy seeing who is and is not working for the people who elected them.

It is interesting to me how when the GOP was in power the last eight years and used every sneaky method to get the tax cuts for the rich, the big pharma bill [which was not funded and added to the deficit], the starting of a war, there wasn't any near riots on the streets, racist shouting, and uproar in the house by the liberals.

I stayed up long enough to watch President Barack Obama speak, as well as Congressman John D. Dingell. What a guy Rep. Dingell is and what a history. Some corporate thug fires his father because he was working to get a union in his plant in Michigan. He ends up going to California to recoup from TB. After that his dad becomes a Congressman and begins working for health care for all. Then his son Rep. John D. Dingell grows up to continue his dad's fight for health care for all. There he was when health care reform gets passed.

This is testimony that when you know something is right, you never give up.

There are YouTube videos of the group haranguing Congressmen going into the house over the week end. There were several break ins at Democrat representatives and party offices. I was told by my sister, who does not agree with me on this issue, that there's as much hate speech and hate deeds done by my side. I have yet to see it. I know if I saw some guy telling a disabled man he should "work for his health care," I would have taken the guy aside and taught him the realities of life's insecurities.

Oh, by the way all those Rush acolytes who will soon be moving south to Costa Rica, please be sure to have your passports ready.  They are required at our border leaving or coming back.