Thursday, June 10, 2010

Naked; when you have nothing to wear.

A naked six year old walked into a bar last night. Bar patrons put a t-shirt on him and went looking for his family. Not locating them, they called the police who canvassed the neighborhood finding an open door to a home down the street. Inside three juveniles were found. No parent or adult was there. A half hour later he child's mother arrived. She had left her children in the car of the oldest one, a twelve year old. Social services investigated and the children were returned to their mother.

This evening the local news led with the story: "A six year old naked child walked into a bar."

Yes, the same child again walked into the same bar.

When I first heard that line I thought, "That's a good line for a joke."

Somehow I can't think of one now.
Sometimes reading the paper captivates me. This morning I read an article beginning on the front page of the NY Times. It was about a way that regular schmo's can be sharp dressers. No longer will he depend on a wife or girlfriend to tell him what goes with what and suggest how to coordinate his colors.

After signing up to Trunk Club's site, a personal fashion assistant interviews him by Skype. During the conversation he explains likes, his activities, business dress needs and produces his measurements. She evaluates what he looks like and discusses his needs in more detail. A short time later he takes delivery of a large box of slacks, shirts, shoes, jackets selected specially for him.

Anything that he doesn't want gets shipped back. He pays nothing extra for the shipping or the personal fashion assistant.

Our featured schmo in the article was the writer. In "The Man, the Mouse and the Wardrobe" Farhad Manjoo follows the process. There are other sites doing similar services. You wear only black socks? Get new socks every other month from a subscription to You are constantly wearing out your undershorts, t-shirts and socks? Work with The subscription services for basic needs work like a book of the month club.

Until these sites became available men who had no discernable sense of style found themselves in the local department store or Men's Warehouse when needing a suit for that funeral or job interview. When he had no matching sock pairs or hole free underwear, they went to Target at midnight, stocking up on packs of Hanes. Because most guys buy clothes only when they can't find anything to wear, sharp dressing is something they seldom do.

Now a guy can shop using Skype and a short time later he has clothes that are his size and make him a well dressed man.

Mr. Manjoo also says gift certificates to these services are perfect for the recent graduate or birthday boy.

This sounds like a good idea of busy men. Most all of us use online shopping more than we ever thought we would.

I buy books, office supplies, some basic clothes, and all those must have Target sales items. The biggest draw for me is I keep myself on a strict budget. When I'm not cruising the isles of the big box store with a huge bascart, I don't buy things on impulse. The additional plus is free shipping!