Saturday, February 20, 2010

Miles and miles of smiles.

I drove around my part of town today. The snow is still piled up in shovel created drifts along the walks and roads. Everything else is bare without cover, a little wet from the rivets of water running out of the snow hills. In bright sunshine without wind we won't have any snow around by Monday.

This freedom is one that feels brand new to me. I've been pretty much confined to the house for these past weeks. I'm not alone in this either. Louisville is a northern southern city but people here are friendly. Today there were more smiles from those waiting for a light and the people I passed walking into church. It's just the realization that spring really is just a few weeks away and the Derby will be run in TEN WEEKS

Friday, February 19, 2010

Wading through the blogasphere peeking in windows.

I have been spending too much time browsing blogs. It's a mindless way to open a window and spy on the public face of strangers' lives. I say the public face of their lives as I have to believe there is quite a bit of self-editing going on. Think a digital year-round Holiday Letter!

The ones that are not somewhat commercial are in several distinct categories, and the categories are somehow maintained together. I hit the first "Jones Family" blog and the next twenty will be other surname family blogs. There are a lot of pictures of birthday cakes in very imaginative if poorly executed designs. The candles blaze and the birthday child leans toward the flames with puckered lips. It's a standard uncoordinated shot everyone has on family blogs.

Women start blogs when they become pregnant. Every day of the waiting is faithfully documented with the obligatory pictures of her swelling self. When the child is born there will be a mass of pictures of the small red wrinkled baby, and then no more posts until the child is two.

The blogs about family always have a large number of pictures of the kids. It seems parents spend quite a bit of time trying to catch the cute kid with the cute pet. There is special documentation for the first child. When the family has three or four children you only see vacation pictures.

There are the single mother blogs, detailing the emotional scars and their struggles to raise their children and work.

There are blogs about an obsession for a particular music genre or artist. Graphic designers and photographers are bloggers. Some of the photography is first rate. Some is awful. Who tells someone their photos are awful? If anyone does they don't post it in the comments.

The blogs that are all about fashion, the latest gadget, who's dating who and "did you see what that girl was wearing?" These are blogged by young American women. These are not to be outdone by the Japanese teen blogs, which look remarkably like the American version.

There are blogs about hobbies; sewing, embroidery, tatting, cooking, rip offs from the Julie & Julia concept.

The men are blogging about religion much more than women. Women who post about religion are all about accepting what their lot in life is and stating it's God's plan. Men post sermons that seem to be developmental stories about how they are able to contain all their venal temptations because of God's love.

My favorite blog is one that is highly personal; honest and revelatory. When reading these I feel I am having a conversation with them, and doing more listening than talking.

Blogging can be a kind of therapy, I think.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Taking your friends with you.

There's an icicle outside my window and today there was sun. Temperatures were below freezing, except it would seem, for at least a moment when the weather heads measured and found it to be exactly 32. The sun and the "heat" melted the icicle and tonight by the light of some solar lights along the walk, the icicle is a sparkle drape in front of my black backed glass.

Today my lover told me a story of a friend of his. He has known this man for over forty years. He told me that his friend has never married and has always had a single cat as a pet. When a cat dies he gets another. They're never a specific breed or color or type of hair. When his cat dies he has the pet cremated and has the ashes at home in a solid cherry urn.

When the friend dies his instructions are that the urns of his cats are to be buried with him. He will also be in a solid cherry box.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Looking at a skylight

Dear February,

I'm writing this to tell you my expectation of your month is right on target!

This is the month friends drive south for warm beach breezes. This year they found temperatures in the 30s and snow.

This is the month a picture of Churchill Downs during Derby week makes me cry.

Fifteen inches of snow in a southern city is deadly. Getting that snow in one and two inch increments only prolongs misery. As you can see by this picture, snow covers the skylights here. That's just rediculous!

What good is a skylight if you cannot see the sky?

Yours truly,
A Winter Weary Woman