Saturday, February 20, 2010

Miles and miles of smiles.

I drove around my part of town today. The snow is still piled up in shovel created drifts along the walks and roads. Everything else is bare without cover, a little wet from the rivets of water running out of the snow hills. In bright sunshine without wind we won't have any snow around by Monday.

This freedom is one that feels brand new to me. I've been pretty much confined to the house for these past weeks. I'm not alone in this either. Louisville is a northern southern city but people here are friendly. Today there were more smiles from those waiting for a light and the people I passed walking into church. It's just the realization that spring really is just a few weeks away and the Derby will be run in TEN WEEKS

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  1. Alone hmmm ,
    in winter i do not feel alone . i love to drive
    in the snow , the warm air from the car-heater
    is so cosy and friendly , all is fine
    for a moment hmmmmm


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