Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A place to sit.

The bench I finally moved from the garage to the tree, calls to me each day. It’s the only spot I can enjoy outside, as there’s nothing like it near where I live. Hidden, unless you know where to look, yet affording me a full view of the place. I sit with my newspaper after I return from the mall and if I’ve been forward thinking enough, I have a cup of McDonald’s coffee with me. Evenings, I’ll bring a glass of wine or a cup of water and ice, sit reading my Audacity of Hope book. If it is a humid evening, I’ll light a citron candle to discourage the flying bugs.

In the mornings the sun rises behind me, over the berm that protects the land in this holler. In the evenings the sun sits behind the building and in both times the bench is in shade. I’ve thought of putting a metal mobile fire pit nearby so I may enjoy the bench later in the year when evenings are cool, even cold. I may do that.