Friday, March 19, 2010

He made his stand on the stand

A man in Louisville Kentucky took the stand yesterday to speak about the murder of his wife. She had left him several times and had done so again, living nearby with relatives. She came back to their home to get some of her personal property when she was assured he was not there. He was at home and they argued. He went through the entire argument on the stand and said, "She told me she was going to get a lawyer and was going to take half of everything I owned."

"I don't know what was happening all I know is I shot her and kept pulling the trigger." At the utterance of this sentence he began crying.

The man was eventually removed out of his home and arrested after a several hour standoff with police.

Two days before he killed his wife, she asked a judge to give her an order of protection. The video of her begging for this is so sad to watch. The judge did not grant the order.

This man's adult children testified for the prosecution.

Today a mental health professional is going to testify to his mental state at the time of the crime. The man is said to have had anger issues most of his life.

I say he is insane if he thinks that testimony yesterday is going to get him off. The fact that he thinks "I shot her and kept pulling the trigger" as a defense proves the arrogance of this man was on full display.

The thing I don't get with this kind of thing is, how is communal property "his"?

As ineffective an order of protection can sometimes be, a judge not granting one is amazingly naive.

If convicted, the man will most probably get a life sentence. He is 66 years old.

I would guess that his property will be sold for legal fees, as he has the best paid legal defense attorney in the county.