Monday, July 6, 2009

A Day of Blessing For Memory

Today is lovely in Kentucky. This is a day you remember and bring to mind when it is February and most days are unpleasant. I admit that when it's winter here and it's the tenth day of below twenty temperatures, I start to believe it will never be fine weather again. This is not reasonable and of all things a person who is sane must be is reasonable when thinking of weather.

I was out early today and as usual when driving up the hill a bunny ran ahead of me. I see this rabbit often when I look out the back window onto the groundhog field. Is it aware of me? Does it linger on the grass there listening for the sound of my truck engine? I think it does.

Ground hogs have returned to that field again this year and they are fat. I see a small one or two also, so they have reproduced a new family. This is a hopeful thing and as I walk out to sit on my bench under the shade of trees that volunteered to grow here, I watch the skies for hawks. Those predators cleared the lot of bunnies and ground hogs two years ago.

On Sunday I also saw a yellow finch perched on a fallen limb under the large maples at the edge of the ground hog field. I never have my camera when I should.

This is a poem I wrote that my muse told me was good and I should publish. I started a folder for good poems I’d written yesterday:

I spent my day today
Filling my mind with
Stories and articles
And poems and
Conversations with
Strangers I will never meet,
And really would not want to.

All I want now is to empty
Myself at your feet and
Talk into the late late night
Over good whiskey and
Bad light, though I don’t
Mind seeing your face here.

The music of life is so much
Sweeter when entering the
Ear of a magnificent other,
Today or any day.

May 22, 2006