Wednesday, July 9, 2008


When you think about the differences in skin color amongst all humans, there are many. In America, except for some remote tribe in a yet to be discovered place, all variations of the world are present. None of us are pure blood. You question this, take a moment and send off to one of the many DNA testing services. Google it: DNA Ancestry.

For a reasonable fee, they’ll send you a kit to take a sample of your own DNA. You ship it back to them, and after a time a report is issued telling you what genetic markers are in your blood. You may have had an ancient ancestor who walked the coast of Ireland in the 1300’s. You may have an ancestor who marched with Alexander’s army, conquering the known world in 323 BC. You get the idea. I imagine many a skinhead would be shocked to know he had “tainted” blood of those races he despises.

The simple truth is we humans are more similar than we are different. I believe the same can be said for almost anyone in relation to almost anyone else.