Monday, March 29, 2010

Sitting in chairs quietly.

The Kentucky State Legislature spent the past week end working on the new budget. This was announced in an hysterical voice meant to indicate "we are working really hard for ya'all up here in Frankfort." What I find astonishing is this group of elected officials can somehow find the time to debate and pass a bill allowing the Bible to be taught as literature in the public schools but cannot do the job of passing and keeping a budget balanced.  It has already been announced that millions are to be cut out of the budget from public education. Perhaps if these elected officials were to work more quickly we could save the approximate $70,000 we spend each day the Legislature is in session.

You may recall my mention that our Attorney General stated he was not going to waste the taxpayers' money to sue the federal government over the health insurance purchase mandate. A herd of Kentucky legislators wrote a letter to him strongly urging him to join the suit. If he had done this he'd be spending money we don't have even after the cuts to education.

We Kentuckians are often disappointed to learn our state is near the bottom in things like education but not the absolute bottom. Usually Mississippi or Arkansas is sitting on the bottom. Today it was announced that Indiana is joining the aforementioned suit. Oh well, thank goodness for Indiana!

In case you may have missed it Donald Trump hates Rosie O'Donnell. He is reported to recently say he hopes her newly announced show will fail, just as all her other shows have. In the book, "Who's Who in America" the description of Donald Trump is "well known sore ass." Rosie can be a little wound up about conspiracy theories, but she's smart and funny and speaks up. Nothing she does will cost Donald a dollar so he should just be quiet.

A poem about spending time in rooms in chairs:

The adults are captured and sit on
Chairs lining the walls in the large room.
They entered willingly, sit quietly, and
Seldom talk to anyone but clerks.

Men come alone or with the wife.
Women come with their sister or
More usually their daughter or niece.
Sons don't bring in the elderly parent.

This is an observational study on my
Part, as I am always alone myself at
These morning appointments where
My body but not my soul is examined.

As I am captured here with the others,
My mind wanders to a life where I have
Children and at least one daughter with
Whom I would be talking, while waiting.

March 29, 2010