Tuesday, July 1, 2008

In the beginning here, take one step back.

There was a time when I had a blog. I posted poems I had written. I published the link to that blog to those who subscribed to my newsletter. I think there were regular readers, as I often got comments to my private e.mail.

I was going to publish that poetry again and delete the old blog. Discouraging me is required reformatting! It seems I cannot copy the work with the line breaks and form. Publishing here would require my manually adding line breaks and putting in all the formatting. So for now I will say, "Never mind!" If anyone would like to see all that old stuff, let me know. I've got it all on my hard drive and back-ups. The old blog exists in a diminished form at this web address: http://rachelpoemfriends.blogspot.com/ .

Comments are appreciated on all my writing, though if you do not request privately to be put on the list of members, you won't be able to leave comments here!

Diabolical isn't it?

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