Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Nap.

In the heat of summer when after noon the sun is hard light and the air is still thick and hot, a nap beckons. To be lying on clean cotton under a ceiling fan, air cooled by air conditioning, without interruption by phones or a knock at the door is a luxury few of us have as a choice. Yet when talking to friends or business associates I’m surprised to hear naps are normal for some.

Just this morning a segment on one of the annoying morning shows was about sleep. Americans don’t get enough sleep. We a gain weight if we don’t get enough sleep. Every adult should get at least 8 hours and 10 isn’t too much. Think of that.

Some employers have set aside rooms and beds for naps. In large cities, there are nap businesses just down the street from the huge office towers, so workers can stop by for a forty-five minute nap. I figured it out, if we work the new 4 day week, 12 hours a day, nap every day and sleep 10 hours recommended, there’s only 6 hours a day left for everything else.

I think of those 18 months I worked two full time jobs and am amazed.

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