Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I am not finisihed.

Dara is back home today. She had been away from her daughter for seven weeks while she worked to win a medal at the 2008 Olympics. This morning it was back to making breakfast and taking her daughter to school for her first day of pre-school. When Dara walked down the school hall to her daughter’s classroom, the teachers applauded.

Later in the morning she went to the aquatic center. Her friends there congratulated her as she showed them her medal. After that she began training again. She says she is not finished and is thinking of competing in the 2009 World Games. A forty-one year old Florida mother is going to lift weights and swim and train and I have no doubt that she will swim and win and give an example to many of just what you can accomplish with hard work and determination.

Oh, and next month she’s speaking to the AARP !

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