Saturday, September 20, 2008


When the Presidential election year comes around we’ve already endured at least two years of announcements for candidates to run and then the primaries. In England an election is a choice for the party. The party then chooses the Prime Minister. This is accomplished in a fortnight or two weeks.

I’m weary of the election. I was weary of it in 2000 and also in 2004. At first I was hopeful we would choose a President who would consider his task to be accomplishing a well run country and working for the betterment of the citizens. Both times I was disappointed. Both times hate and innuendo and outright lies were told which distracted the voters and the majority voted from a position of fear.

This same kind of campaign is almost always run on the local and state level too. The national Congressional Offices are filled based more on blood in the water than fact. Voting becomes a reactionary exercise instead of a well reasoned choice based on what you learn about the candidates.

I have always voted. I started as soon as I was old enough and the activity of voting has always been very rewarding for me. I had relatives and friends who died in the nation’s wars. If I didn’t feel I could be bothered to vote as a patriotic citizen, I would vote to acknowledge their sacrifice.

The last few years I’ve worked at the polls and one year I worked driving people without transportation to vote. It’s a tiring day but I feel I am doing something to support the country. I’m not sure why more people don’t work at the polls and volunteer to help others vote, but if asked most would say they’re too busy or don’t think it has an effect on things. They would be wrong.

Encourage everyone to be certain they are registered to vote. Know where your polling place is and how to get there. You can verify you are properly registered through your board of elections or your local clerk’s office. In most cases these agencies have forms to register, available for download. Another way is this link: . Print off a few copies and put them in your purse or car to give to people you meet.

Every single vote is important. If you consider yourself a patriot, the way to prove it is to have a voice in your government by voting.

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