Friday, March 26, 2010

A Green Eyed Woman

Two days after surgery on my eye, I'm in possession of a dilated pupil and a blood red eye. Reggie took a picture with his phone while I was at the eye doctor's yesterday. It looks a little better today but it's still red!
In my entire life I've never had surgery where they "put me to sleep". Five years ago there was the removal of two cataracts but I was awake. Over all it was reasonably pleasant. I'm glad it's over and I hope my vision becomes clear. From talking with the doctor it seems I'll need to not only go back this Monday, but every three months for a year.

I'm happy at the news that our Attorney General here in Kentucky is not tagging along with a few other AG's and filing suit against the federal government, trying to keep the health insurance purchase mandate from taking effect. He said that although he personally was in favor of Health Care Reform, the problem he had with the suit was it was based on bad law, the suit was a political stunt and he wasn't wasting the taxpayer's money to get involved. I applaud the man. He's running for the Senate seat vacated by that idiot Jim Bunning. You will remember he was a baseball player, longtime senator and author of the histrionics last month when he held up legislation extending unemployment insurance.

A friend sent me a news item about the lone male prostitute in the state of Nevada having quit. He said he only had 10 patrons and those were the female prostitutes in the same brothel. The owners of the facility state they plan on hiring a new male prostitute as soon as possible. Whew! I've always felt that if it is usual for men to be able to walk into houses of ill repute and purchase the services of a woman for sex, the opposite should be possible for women. The reasons given for a man to obtain sex with a professional is he likes variety and sometimes he just doesn't want to have to put up with a relationship with one woman. Hey, you pay for sex one way or another anyway, so why not make it an honest transaction. From my personal experience with men and sex those reasons are good enough for me!

Until this is possible for women I say we are not truly equal. SMILE


  1. Hey, I like the way you talk and think!
    This is my first visit to your blog, I'll follow you.


  2. Thank you! I am working on stream of consciousness writing. So far, it's edit edit edit.

  3. Jim Bunning is a total ass, isn't he? I do hope your eye heals up quickly, it looks painful. Is it? LOL, I agree about the prostitutes. I'd say the market is just not as good for male hookers since women can usually find it for free, unlike men. But it should be equal opportunity, nonetheless ;-)

  4. Jim Bunning used to be a "no show" whatever Mitch McConnell wanted he did but then when Jim wanted to run this year Mitch didn't support him, so these days he shows up and plays the role of contrarian.

    The eye isn't painful. I got a bottle of pain meds but only took one the first day.

    The thing is, we can get sex from men but we have to put up with their shit and for me at least it's always been more expensive than hiring a dependably firm and creative guy for a couple hours!

  5. Damm girl..That makes my eye hurt just lookin' at it.
    hope it gets better soon.

  6. It's doing better. Still red though.


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