Sunday, March 21, 2010

Warm Rain

I live in Louisville Kentucky, out on the edge of the older part of the city in a place called the Highlands. Unless you are on a high floor of a tall building you would never know how high the Highlands really are. There are no up and down hills. With everything built up, it seems you are on flat ground of about the same elevation as the nearby city center.

I have been writing on other things today while watching the Health Care Reform Bill debate in the House of Representatives in Washington. People who oppose the reform are cat calling at people in favor of the reform. All the ugliness of bigotry is shouted when a Representative walks near the crowd. Although no one in the hate filled group will ever admit it, I know they have friends and family who have suffered because of the greed of health insurance companies. If there is coverage for the poor and the middle class, I know there are people in the crowd today who cannot imagine not being insured, who will only get health care in their later life because of this reform.

I have friends who are against this bill. They have insurance because they have jobs or were retired from jobs where the large corporation or the government has a great health care plan. One of my friends in a discussion this past week told me she was happy about her current health care. She was treated for breast cancer. Her husband has chronic illness and has been in treatment for it for decades. The only thing that worries them is the eventual cap on coverage. I told her that the current plan for reform requires insurance companies to pay out 80% of premiums collected for all those on the plan and there will be no caps for covered people.

Another friend had to take bankruptcy because she was uninsured after a divorce. Her illness was not chronic. She prays she will get insurance with this reform because she can't take bankruptcy again so soon.

My belief about health insurance is there should be no profit making insurance carriers. The best way to handle this is a single payer plan. Everyone should pay health insurance premiums.

I wrote this poem this evening:
Rain falls in the evening, and a long
Smear wets the glass of a window.
Though it is nighttime here I see
Across the yard a reflection
In the light from inside the house.

Stepping outside I feel warm air and
The dampness of the night is more
Than refreshing as I breathe in the
Scent of growing green spreading
Across the field into the distance.

Though rain will continue tomorrow and
Snow will dust the green the day after,
Spring has arrived to the Bluegrass and
There are reports of hat making class and
Horses train again for the Derby.

March 21, 2010


  1. The primary problem with health insurance is that doesn't add any value. They're simply skimmers.

    Beautiful poem. Very nice. ;-)

  2. All insurance; health, auto, home is you are paying the insurance company for protection. You are betting that when you have a loss and need a payout, the insurance company will cover you. This happens with auto losses, with a new roof when the wind takes yours.

    With health insurance, they take your premium and when you need the coverage they kick you off the plan. Don't even think this doesn't happen because it does.

  3. I'm glad you like the poem. SMILE

  4. We're completely baffled in the UK as to why anyone WOULDN'T want free healthcare. We all pay National Insurance contributions every month for all our working lives, this gets taken off our pay cheques before we even get them so we don't notice - it's a pretty small amount (I pay around £10 per month)and ALL our healthcare is free forever. EVERYTHING is covered from the flu to cancer.

    We can also decide to go private if we like & can pay a healthcare company like BUPA so we can go to one of their facilities if we are ill. Having the choice means that we don't think twice about going to the doctors... We see free healthcare for everyone as our right.

  5. The shocking thing about those protesting the change is their selfishness. A RN was on a national morning show saying she worried that now that there would be 33 million more people covered the ones with insurance would suffer.

    To me it's a matter of morality. I've always paid for insurance. People getting subsidies because they are poor but the vast majority will continue to pay premiums and those who have not bought insurance will now buy it instead of letting the insured pay for them at the ER.

  6. It's a hard one to argue - I think a lot of people would be quite happy to see the poor shipped off to an island & gassed. Even then, they'd probably worry that they might have to contribute to their burial costs.

    The same people would probably be more than happy if we just obliterated the Third World, so they didn't have to look at it any more.

    Some people are just mean...

  7. I know that evil does exist and it exists in the person who would describe themselves as a good god fearing person.

    My only doubt about the shipment of the poor to a death island is, how would the rich get their homes cleaned? SMILE


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