Monday, April 12, 2010

Republicans making suggestions for our own good.

Today Hillary Clinton was suggested as a Justice on the Supreme Court. Let that settle in a bit.

Secretary Clinton is a smart woman. She got her education, including advanced degrees, worked as a lawyer, and held for eight years a rare yet important and uncompensated job as First Lady of the United States. She was NY Senator for eight years, ran for president with all the boys and now serves as our Secretary of State.

Sen. Orin Hatch says he would vote for her. He's the one who suggested Hillary.

Mrs. Clinton is doing an excellent job as Secretary of State. She is out on planes visiting heads of states and diplomatic hot spots all over the world. She even shook the hand of Sen. Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader last week. She was in Louisville to give a speech at the McConnell Center at the University of Louisville. Hillary and Mitch traded compliments with each other on the podium. When I saw that photo I was afraid I'd fallen asleep and woke up in Oz.

All this Republican glad handing and smiling comments to prominent Democrats makes me uneasy. Luckily Hillary is doing a good job. She's always done a good job for the country. She is needed too badly to be nominated to fill a seat on the Supreme Court.

I've been working with my CPA friend on my taxes. He always runs late. My husband was an accountant and for the first twenty plus years of my tax paying life, he did the taxes and all I had to do was sign them. In addition to owning and co-running our business he did taxes for lots of people. It was always a stressful time with he talking to the clients, filling out the forms on a typewriter, with me making copies and collating, etc. Things have sure changed in two decades. The only constant is the stress of the last few days toward the deadline.

Ya'all may not see much of me as the fifteenth approaches.


  1. The republicans thought maybe they were the ones who get to pick the Supreme Court nominee. Maybe they thought they could create a consensus and remove Hillary as a threat to run for President at some point in the future. If so, it didn't work.

  2. I dig Hillary. Cheers and Good Luck with the taxes, Charlene!!

  3. Hmmm... Hillary as a Supreme Court Justice... I'm not sure... I was disappointed that she wasn't the Democratic nominee for president... Politically, I am a moderate, and preferred her over either McCain or Obama...

    I almost think William Jefferson Clinton would be a better Justice...

    At any rate, the country is too Left for me... as it was too Right earlier...


  4. I agree w/Jay's comment. She is a great SOS so I hope she stays there.

  5. Jay and Mrs. D are right. Hillary is a great SOS.

    Matt: I figure any intellilgent is going to be a threat to the GOP, these days. Sad what's happening these days, IMHO.

    Red Shoes: I was for Hillary at first. I recall telling Reggie, "Obama? How can someone with that name get elected to an office in the US?" We both changed our minds.

    Lovely warm day here in the 'Ville. Hope ya'all have a fabulous day.

  6. NOTE to Self: READ the thing before posting! SMILE

  7. Good luck with the deadline, Charlene, and thanks for stopping by. American politics confuses the hell out of me, but as she passes for a (slightly left of the right) liberal, I guess she'd get my vote, were I asked. Honestly? From where I stand I see even less to divide your parties than even we have over here (in the UK), how can that be healthy politics?

  8. aw, DAMNIT !!! ...and I was JUST starting to like you, too, lol !!!

  9. Heff, oh my. You are allowed to be disappointed that I seem to be unlikable. I once wanted to be liked by every one. Now I only want to be liked by those who can.

    SMILE Your post was cool about the roofer and the squirrels.

  10. What about when she believed that her husband "never had sex with that woman", was she a good judge of his character?

  11. i need a magnifying glass these days to do my taxes. i'd like to find the arseholes that send out tax rulings in print so small no middle aged person could read them.

  12. Secretia: I figure that's a personal issue and certainly hasn't seemed to make her incapable of doing a good job for our country.

    billy: Any form on the computer I can zoom in on but don't get me started with what I can't see anymore as I age.

    Threading a needle
    The print on bottles
    Charlie Brown comic in the paper

    I wear my cheaters but I also have to have bright light.

  13. Whoever Obama ends up nominating,the Republicans are going to wail,and rend their garments over it.


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