Friday, April 2, 2010

Simple occurence results in obsession

A frequent pastime is pressing the "next blog" button at the top of the page. It's a voyeuristic thing I do, for there is no telling what I will see.

I found a blog of obsession. It seems to be a woman who met a man at a business meeting a long time ago. He has become the only thing she thinks about or writes about or evidently talks about? After reading her posts for a month I've figured out she has never had a one on one conversation with him; phone, e.mail, text message or in person.

She seems to have an entire friendship genealogy laid out along the lines of who "Sam" knows, went to school with, rides the same train as, eats lunch with, plays racquetball with, etc.

From her posts she dreams of the man. She spends time between business appointments thinking of him. She wonders what he thinks about her, or if he thinks about her. He is a ghost in her story; when we are married we will, etc.

I couldn't stand reading more posts. They go back years. Her fascination seems to have started because after the meeting he took her left hand in his two hands and said, "It was really good to make your acquaintance Gertrude." [All names changed to protect the crazy people.]

I try to think if I've ever been this obsessed with someone I only met once and never saw again. I don't think so. I was insane that first year with Roger but I forgive myself. He was the first man I met and dated after my husband died. I was the crazy person that year and he was just the man to take advantage of the situation the next four.

Have you ever been an obsession or obsessed with someone? You can tell me privately.

The week has been lovely. There is nothing like a week of early spring in Kentucky. Keeneland opened its short spring meet today. Reggie got a bet down on the first horse in the first race, and although it went off at 8/5 it did not win. That's an old tradition of horse players; bet the first horse in the first race on the beginning day and the last horse of the last race on the last day of the meet. I know people who went to the track today. They sure had a beautiful day; 80 degree temperature and sunshine.

To answer that nagging question for you, no the bluegrass in Kentucky is not blue.

Furthermore it is true that Kentucky is known for beautiful horses and fast women.


  1. I can be slightly obsessive when I get wrapped up in something, especially when it's new to me. (Like if I like a new food, then that's all I want for a while.) But not like in a crazy, stalker-ish way and write years of blog material about someone, lol. That is a little sad, really.

  2. wow - what a nutter! The last time I was obsessed with someone, I was about 15 & at school I think.

    You do have to feel a bit sorry for her really, as it sounds like her whole life has become all about him & hers has lost it's meaning. What a shame...

  3. i had a mild case of obsession once..but it embarrased me so i quit.
    this woman sounds nuts and very sad.

  4. i've been obsessed with settling the score with a boss who did me wrong. does that count?

  5. I think we all can be obsessed with some thing from people to food to drugs to drink, but those things pass. I wonder about this woman. She is going to be so down when she wakes up.

    billy: Count? Only if it makes you sad.

    I worked for a guy who made a pass at every woman who worked for him. He finally hired a girl who was a department head like I was who didn't turn him away and thereby an affair started with them. He was married. She married another guy. Their affair continued and made things awful for me and others who worked there.

    He got fired for sealing money. She got divorced. She got his job. She got fired for stealing money. I saw her a decade after I had resigned to start my business. They were two people I really hated at one time. She was married to another guy who looked a whole lot like my former boss.

    I think the guy was unhappy. I think she was too. I figure life took care of the both of them. :: giggle ::

  6. I do the 'Next Blog' thing from time to time,and once came across one where the lady was convinced 'They' were spying on her every move..Like you said,her proofs-of-point went back for years.
    'The mail came 12 minutes late today..The harrassment is more than I can bear!'
    ..Really bizarre.

  7. Yep bizarre. And if these people do not confine themselves to their houses they are out thre walking amongst us!

  8. But what about when a temporary obsession brings you the most exquisite joy?


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