Monday, May 17, 2010

Contentious elections and civility.

Tomorrow is the Primary Elections for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. I'll be away from work for the day working at the polls. That means today I had to do work I would have done tomorrow, and I've been working late until now.  I look forward to working at the polls.  I also look forward to not having to listen to any more mud slinging commercials on the television.  I know that time will again be filled with car, roof replacement and bath in a day ads, but I am tired of the political commercials.

Do you believe people who go to the polls and cast a vote are influenced by these negative over the top rants?  I don't.  I know people do watch them and people are influenced but I figure they are only influencing those who never vote.

This morning there was an article about our state's Senatorial election on the front page of the New York Times. The seat is being vacated by Sen. Jim Bunning. You may recall he is well known for doing little but trying to obstruct bills and falling asleep in committee readings.

The Republican Party is choosing a candidate as is the Democratic Party. The Times article was occupied with discussing the GOP race. The son of Ron Paul, Dr. Rand Paul from Bowling Green Kentucky, is running as a GOP candidate. He does this because he knows running as a Tea Party or Independent candidate would not work. Most of his contributions are coming from out of state.

The main line Republican candidate is Trey Grayson. He has an ad on television in which our senior Senator Mitch McConnell endorses him and lets us know he doesn't usually do this in the primary. His reason for endorsing a candidate in the primary is our president's overspending. The real reason is he doesn't want Dr. Paul in the seat because he might not listen to Sen. McConnell and lick his shoes when instructed to do so. After Mitch's statement Mr. Grayson speaks. He is proud that he is being endorsed by Sen. McConnell and other prominent Republicans. These others are not named but their pictures are shown. The only ones I can remember are Dick Cheney and Rudy Giuliani.

The first time I saw this ad I thought "Watch Trey Grayson shoot himself in the foot." He is currently trailing Dr. Paul by 15 percent, I think. Whatever the trailing percentage is, it's double digit.

The week end here was rainy, humid and cool. Reggie, who was out of town for the week end, asked me this morning, "Was it raining all day Saturday?" I couldn't remember. I know I went out a few times and it was raining every time. Other than that I spent the days inside doing inside things!

The local paper reprinted an editorial from the Dallas Morning News May 1st.      Considering how polarized and contentious every thing seems to be in the country, I was surprised to see that we tell the pollsters we prefer civility. I know I do. I think a well considered opinion is important. We should all think about what we believe and stand up for those beliefs. We should also be able to do so without raging, personal defamation and lying. Oh, by the way, a personal opinion isn't something you repeat verbatim from a cable news show.


  1. Politics and Politicians!!! I am ready for them to stop following party line and affiliation... and try to save this wonderful country of ours... Republicans alone... and Democrats alone... can NOT mend our problem... :o(

    How are YOU tonight?


  2. Boy, talk about mud slinging - it's probably worse here in Nevada. I would never ever vote for someone who stooped so low. On the other hand, if they do it, it must work.

    I was an exit poller a couple of times - long day, but interesting.

    Problem with voting is that all the candidates are mainly creepy. It's a vicious circle - in order to win you need corporate money and once you accept it, you do corporate bidding.

  3. i just stop listening to them..they make me crazy.

  4. Red Shoes: I'm home after getting up late this morning at 4:36 a.m. because Reggie called me! [My alarm didn't go off or I didn't hear it.] I rushed around and forgot my glasses and didn't get coffee, but I DID get to the polls at 5:15 a.m. and waited for the woman with the key, who stopped by McDonalds on the way, and got coffee and a biscuit. She didn't bring any for the rest of us standing out in the windy pre-dawn morning. Grrrr.

    Wolynski: I know some are creepy. The main creepy one running for Mayor on the Dem side sent everyone a post card bigger than Life magazine every day last week and had incessant commercials. I'd guess he spent about $2 million on a mayoral PRIMARY! He can afford it. He owns a bank.

    Yellowdog Granny: You are a wise woman!

    But I am home drinking coffee and reading the papers, watching returns.

  5. It was so sad to see Mitch's boy get pummeled. Hee Hee. I loathe McConnell. Cheers Charlene!!

  6. Matt-Man: Yeah. Mitch is a former Jefferson County Judge Executive, basically a mayor for the county before the county and city merged in 2000. He got elected to the Senate shortly after his divorce from the high school sweetheart and became a Washington insider. He barely acknowledges he is an employee of the people of Kentucky.

    Ditch Mitch, ditch Mitch!

  7. I absolutely hate that sort of negativity in politics.

  8. I know of them but not all of their values and issues...I know that a lot of people like Ron Paul...I just laugh at the cartoons they do not sway me either way...actually...There is really no one I want to vote for anymore...I'm disappointed in all of them...I believe in change and it can only come from within...I try to make changes on a weekly basis....small but lasting...Im hoping one day that my vote will be able to help change things again

  9. I can understand how it is disheartening to be disappointed by someone you helped elect, not representing those that voted for them. It is my opinion that our job as citizens includes our being involved in the process.

  10. Politics in this failing country are bullshit. Lets go camping and screw. :-)


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