Friday, July 9, 2010

Rain and clothes drying on hay.

The rain started yesterday mid afternoon. I was working and the sound didn't register in my mind at first. It had been so long since we had rain the sound was oddly not recognizable. The rain stopped two minutes after it started. When I came out of the building to get the mail there hadn't been enough water fall to cover the truck; just wet spots on the paint.
Later it was pouring when I left work.

This morning it was a gentle steady rain. This went on for several hours.

When I went out for lunch it was no longer raining. The grass seemed greener. Flowers were standing up straighter. The best part was it was fifteen degrees cooler!

The month of June was the hottest average temperature since 1952 in Louisville. I wake up in the morning cool, having slept under a ceiling fan all night, but moving around even a little means I sweat and am sticky. It has become my habit to immediately get in the shower. I don't wait for the water to warm up; just a cold shower and eventually a warm one. I stay downstairs until after lunch, so the AC isn't needed so much.

Now July has started hot. This week it was 97 three days in a row. With the rain it will be cool until Sunday. Forward predictions say 90's through the month of July.

I've been daydreaming about rain and warm summer showers; how it would be so wonderful to invite friends for hedonistic romps in the rain. I don't have a place for this, but I imagine a green pasture. There would be rolling Indiana hills and uncut fescue gone to seed. The seed heads would reach to my waist and tickle my skin, the stalks separating my barefoot toes. Take note, I have never done this kind of thing when I lived on the farm and there were lots of pastures.
There is a barn in a meadow near a creek on that farm, with bales of hay stacked waiting for winter feeding. Do any of you remember the novels or movies where a woman and a man meet somewhere and get caught in the rain? They run for the barn and when safe in the dry they just have to take off their wet clothing for fear of a cold and lay it out to dry. This story is often repeated with an old farm house instead of the barn and a fireplace and blanket!

Of course this ends up with them having sex. They have never noticed each other until the day they get wet in the rain. They've lived just down the road from each other all their lives or she is the new girl in town but never saw that they really love each other until they got rained on! The rain is like a love potion.

In the city there is no place for nudity, let alone taking showers naked in warm summer rain! I've been thinking though that it would be possible to lure Lenny to the parking lot at work some evening after midnight when it's raining. One problem is the police park on that lot during their breaks. I wonder if they would arrest me.


  1. The police might arrest you after you finished having sex... if they were kind... and of course, there would probably have/need to be all kinds of photographic evidence...

    It may actually RAIN here today... God, it needs to rain... the grass and flowers need it... I need it... Rain seems to 'center' me... and I am SO in need of being centered...

    Hope all is well with you today...


  2. Go to it, Charlene - and if the police move in I'm sure it will have been worth it!

  3. I learned very early on that a lot of those little sex acts in barns, beaches, forests etc. lead to sand in your privates, poison ivy and burrs in your ass...
    i love that truck..

  4. what a sweet car !
    btw the live feed from Bayern is all me :-)

  5. Red Shoes: I hope you get rain too. With the cops; they're on private property you see, so if my friends and I are on private property dancing in the rain nude, what would be the offense?

    Christopher: I agree.

    Yellowdog Granny: There is poison oak in the flowerbeds at work. No amount of weed poison seems to keep it gone. I like that truck too. It's not mine but a representational picture.

  6. They did that caught in the rain/barn thing on the very last episode of "The Wonder Years". Winnie and Kevin didn't have sex though. At least I don't think they did.

  7. have your fun late at night... no one can see you.... love the truck btw

  8. The rain does beautiful things to beautiful people. I can imagine getting wet in a storm but I fear my imagination is as far as it will go.

  9. Q-Bob: It is a re-occurring theme.

  10. I have made love in the rain. It is incredible! There's an ineffable beauty to a woman in the rain. The water dropletts seem to make her glisten.

    I hope you and Lenny can experience this joy some day. Make it soon :-)

  11. We got the rain, too, on Friday. Everything did indeed look greener afterwards.

    Ah, yeah - I have a very sweet memory of sex outside in the rain.

  12. We too have had it pretty dry here for a couple of months, so a little rain would now be welcome. Also if the weather doesn't change soon what how on earth will we start a conversation?
    Love the truck. I often get a little damp but sadly this never ends in me having sex in a barn. Maybe I need to hang around barns more if it's raining?

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  14. we love the rain, love to sit on the terrace and watch it. we live on the 19th floor and can see the clouds roll in. in south florida it happens most afternoons in the summer. then it smells so fresh and clean. then it gets steamy hot and inside we go!

    smiles, bee

  15. Rain gives you sexual thoughts? You'd have to caught in a downpour with someone attractive, like in the movies.

  16. listen to the rhythm of the falling rain telling me just what a fool i've been...

    god i love that song.


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