Sunday, June 20, 2010

It is Deja Vu all over again

I am sure all you are aware that today is our Father's Day. For you fathers, Happy Father's Day!

What people do that is special for their fathers is unique to every one however, a local follower of the blog pointed out this ad running in the local paper this week. The establishment mentioned has a small ad on the page of the paper containing the entries and previous day's winners of horse races at Churchill Downs. I understand that Déjà Vu is a chain of businesses so perhaps you have one locally. If you have the nerve, ask your dad to go with you! After all entry is free, though I suspect the usual buck tucking and drink buying is expected.


  1. See what thoughtful people strippers are? Always trying to do nice things.

    I wonder if I can get someone to pretend to be my son or the day? LOL

  2. Wow. I definitely can't imagine going someplace like that with my dad!

  3. Jay: I think it would be simple to find a suitably aged person to play the roll of your son. I agree. Exotic dancers are benevolent and kind to fathers and sons.

    Just A Girl: I can't imagine asking my dad to go with me either. Of course he has been gone for half a century so there is that problem too.

  4. I would shit my pants if my dad tried to take me there.

  5. I asked my friend who had pointed out the ad if he thought his son frequented strip joints. He said he didn't think so. I asked if he thought his son thought he did. He said absolutely not! So, it is likely both do and neither thinks the other does.

  6. my dad is long time gone !
    he would never go to such a place ,
    Why ?
    the beer would have been too expensive haha !
    but here in Germany you find enough nude people
    on every lake , park etc .
    things are running different here !!
    and to be honest it is not nice to see that !

  7. The ad says "son or daughter"
    Unless it's carreer day, who would take their daughter?

    Even with a son, it would just be too awkward... "Look Son, those are boobs like your mom used to have"

  8. After some of the stuff I found in my daughter's apartment a while back, I was fearful she was stripping... I would have HATED walking into THAT place and see her dancing... YIKES!!!!!!!!


  9. OMG...I'm not sure that children should be with their father during times of possible erections...just my thoughts

  10. WOW! Just, WOW!!! Also, YIKES!! There, I think I'm done!

  11. Red Shoes: I agree. YIKES!!

    Just Telling it like it is: I don't believe they allow anyone under 21 in those places.

  12. Charlene: I'm way older than 21 wait! why am I tell the world that? ...I mean I'm ummmm 25 yeah that sounds good...and I don't want to go see the ladies and be around old men erections especially my father! if they can still get never know Viagra some times takes over my email so it seems you don't need to go to your Dr these days....but that is a whole other story!

    P.S. That was sweet of you to say today! I appreciate the support and good to know I am not the only one!

  13. Well as refreshing as you found my blog not being of the mommy variety I must say this was the most refreshing father's day post I encountered this year.

  14. Well I should have had my pseudo-adopted daughter take me to the club that night, although I think she was already working at another club that night.

    I won't be bringing my sons to a strip club when the turn 21. They can go on there own, I'd feel more comfortable having my dad along.


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