Friday, June 18, 2010

Leaping horses, apologies and crime.

Thursday morning this week, a two year old filly named BF Chang was standing in front of the grandstand at Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY, with exercise rider Marelio Garcia on her back. They were waiting to begin a routine run around the dirt track. Suddenly she twisted and flipped over the grandstand rail, into box seats, crashing through chairs and winding up in the clubhouse near a guest parking lot. The horse, which sustained lacerations and numerous cuts, was taken by ambulance to an equine hospital. She is expected to recover without problem.

Oddly, about a half hour later another 2 year old filly, which had been waiting in a similar spot and fashion, flipped and unseated her rider. She then got up and ran into oncoming horse traffic on the backside.

There has been discussion of what caused the two horses to act this way on the same day and near the same time. No conclusions have been reported.

It's been an odd few days.

Rand Paul, the GOP candidate for the US Senate in Kentucky, sent a letter to the editor of the local paper. Paul says that although he said abhorrent things on live and recorded broadcasts, he was misunderstood. He further said that because these ideas of his were subsequently discussed by newspapers, news media and blogs, his reputation has been sullied!

Marc Murphy, June 18, 2010, Courier-Journal

A further development with Rand is that the professional certificate he has listed as being the recipient of has turned out to be similar to those online mail order divinity degrees; easily obtained and requiring no actual accreditation.

Thursday, before a Congressional hearing on the BP Gulf disaster got underway, Rep. Joe Barton from Texas apologized to the BP Corporation. His concern seemed to be that this Swiss Corporation, headquartered in England, was the victim of a shakedown for being asked to set up a $20 billion dollar fund in escrow. I'm not sure whether his concern was that they were being asked to pay for their disaster or that they were being asked to turn over the money where someone other than they was administering it.

Some time later Rep. Barton apologized for apologizing to the BP Corporation. He first said he was sorry for his statement's misconstruction. A third statement retracted his apology to BP.

Watching these guys dance around things they try to defend as righteous beliefs can sure be entertaining.

Then last week, there was the Southwest Airline cargo worker who saw three suspicious boxes at the Little Rock airport. The worker opened the boxes and found 45 human heads. The heads were addressed to a medical lab in Texas.

Shipping body parts by air is not unusual. This was an issue because the packing and labeling of the boxes was so badly done they aroused concern by the cargo worker. The local authorities and FAA were notified. The local coroner has seized the heads and is investigating. His concern is that the heads may have been illegally harvested.

I have not been able to find out the status of the naked six year old and his two nightly home escapes mentioned in a previous post.

This past week a three year old boy, living with his mother, was shot. The bullet entered his body and ricocheted in the room and entered him a second time.

Two hours later his mother called 911 and an ambulance picked the child up and took him to the hospital. He is fine and in custody of social services.

His mother and a man were with the child arguing when he was shot. It is not known who shot the gun. During the two hour delay between the incident and the emergency call the two of them cleaned up the crime scene. The man made over twenty calls on a neighbor's cellphone.

The mother is in custody under a $500,000 bond.

The man is in custody under a $100,000 bond. He is further sentenced to six months in jail for loudly cursing at the judge during his arraignment.


  1. Wow, sad news :(

    I don't know what I would've done if I had discovered human heads being shipped somewhere. I would've shat my pants, no doubt about it.

  2. Has this been a helluve couple of weeks in the news,or what!
    I have to admit,I'm getting a huge kick out of watching the Republicans self-immolate. :)

  3. Yes, plenty going on. I wonder if this Rand of whom you write so compellingly is the same person I met once in Orange County CA who introduced himself to me by saying 'Hi! I'm Randy.'

    As a Brit, 'randy' means the same to me as 'horny' does to you. It seemed a bizarre way to introduce oneself. Nothing came of it, in case you were wondering.

  4. i think the acting of the horse was a pure coincident!
    the first picture is
    very good!!!!

  5. i love that photo and would love to know what made the horses bolt like that.
    was Joe pesci any where around the heads?

  6. I only wish people like Rand Paul would destroy the Republican party, but they seem to have a lot of support for their despicable (I know that's probably not a word).

  7. Senorita: A decade or so ago UPS here in Louisville found heads being shipped. It would seem if this is routine, there would be some special sticker put on the boxes, so that they could be properly ignored!

    Sling: What is so telling to me is that Rand Paul calls himself a Republican and Mitch McConnell is tippy toeing around that realization. His fear is Paul will be elected and then he'll have to work with him.

    Christopher: Amazingly, randy means the same in the US.

    So sorry Randy, introducing himself with a revelation of the state of his libido and it didn't result in randy endeavors, he would still remain Randy.

    Die rennschnecke truant: I agree, though there could have been "something in the air"!

    I do like that picture!

    YELLOWDOG GRANNY: I like the picture too. If the horses continue to act up, I'm sure someone will study the problem. I don't think Joe P was around the heads! You did see they were being shipped to Texas, didn't you!!!

    Secret agent woman: I agree Rand Paul is despicable. I have faith he will not be elected.

  8. yes, Charlene maybe there was "something "
    how knows .
    die rennschnecke träumt = the race-snail
    is dreaming
    btw greetings from a boring Saturday evening ;-)

  9. Great photo at the top, I love the sky and as for the horses: there are more things in heaven and earth than we understand. Animals have so much better instincts. My cat knows I am opening Tuna when it is three streets away and kipping under a bush.
    I did wonder where those heads had got to.

  10. Ugh, depressing summary of bad (and strange) new items. I am with Kerrie though about that photo. Great pic.

  11. Kerrie: I've always liked that photo. I wish I knew where I got it!

    Oh! You have knowledge of the heads. I'll never tell.

    Just A Girl: I agree. Thanks

  12. How do you illegally harvest human heads? Don't think I want to know.

    Politicians like Rand Paul & Sharon Angle here in Nevada are a flash in the pan - flavor of the month. They make a splash with their loony opinions and fade away forever - hopefully.


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